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#1: Beginner's Guide to Productivity! (Creatives & Everyday Life)

Updated: Mar 13

No time to read? Audio version here ↴

When you bring structure and organization to your life, it's amazing how quickly good things can happen. Being organized allows you to know exactly what it is you want to accomplish on a daily basis, which then translates into accomplishing everything that you set out to do in life. It also lets you know where you have free time. So here's a quick explanation of how I went about it.

I started off with a Google Calendar and it helped me a lot. I focused on one day at a time, the goals I needed to complete, and the things to focus on. But there are times when I need to look at an overview of the week or even month to make sure everything is running smoothly. I checked out "To-Do" lists but they made me feel like tasks and chores instead. But if it satisfies you to put a checkmark next to your goals then feel free to do so.

Furthermore, after discovering Calendar Blocking and brain dumping lists, my life became more organized and productive. A great planning system for all creatives! And if you're not a creative, this can work in your daily life too.

Let's go!

  1. Waking up (download the free pdf guide)

  2. Brain Dump List

  3. Day of the Week List

  4. Calendar Blocking/ Time blocking (Google calendar, Apple Calendar, planner)

  5. Bonus

1. Waking up

I won't go so much into this because I have a free guide you can download but this is a great way to start your mornings to get your day right! Just go to

2. Brain Dump List

Brain dump list is exactly what is sounds like. A list that helps you dump all your thoughts in one place to organize your day. You no longer have to worry about feeling like you're forgetting something and it organizes your priorities. I usually put my reminders on this so I don't forget. Also, it clears your mind. Yasss to more memory power! I call mine the "Battle Map" list and it’s named for each day. This will be a part of the calendar/time blocking process. We'll get into that later

3. Day of the Week List:

After I'm done dumping everything I can think of, I add it to my Day of the Week list, which is what day it is today or the next, and put them in order and time frame if needed. This is where the time blocking comes in.

4. Calendar/Time blocking

If you never heard of this, it's about blocking specific times out of your day for the goals and activities you have to reach in your daily life. I was inspired by Amy Landino, who is a well-known YouTuber, among many other things, whom I learned this from, which I then made into my own. Let me dive deeper:

The "Brain dump List" will be your guide to set up time frames for this.

I used Google calendar because the tools are easier for me and it syncs in with Apple calendar anyways.

- First I create a "New Calendar" that is actually my Categories to keep my activities and goals organized. Plus it keeps my calendar colorful. 😉 For example: I label my "New Calendar", "Getting Ready" so when I brush my teeth and apply my makeup, this will go into that category.

- Then I click on a day that will pop up a box and I choose "Event", put a time frame of how long it will take such as 6 am - 6:30, which is blocking 30 minutes of the day for that goal. I even add more details of when to get notifications for this and which category it will go to, along with colors. I can also choose If i'm busy or free and add descriptions if needed. In addition, the days I want it to repeat so you don't have to do it for each day.

- Lastly, just repeat the steps.

* Bonus

If I have time to journal or want to journal, I use "Google Keep" on the Google Calendar to reflect on what I did that day. It has my weekly, monthly's, and yearly recap. This way I can appreciate all that I've accomplished and who I can become next year. Many of us don't take moments to do this and that's maybe why "years" feel the same.

I know, there's a learning curve with any big change, and while you might be overwhelmed right now, I've made a 5-minute video to show you how I do it. Just type go to

There's also a free guide to this at This guide includes a video too.

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