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10 Tools & Apps to Use to Improve your Workflow

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As the years have passed by, I have been able to find tools and apps that help me in my workflow.

I was all over the place and finding apps and software took longer than the work sometimes. So, when I was looking for ways to make my workflow easier and more interesting, I found some awesome tools and apps that can help me do just that!

Here they are!

1. Google Calendar

I am a big fan of Google calendar! I use it to time-block my schedule, so I can stay on top of the things that need to get done and make sure that my priorities are getting the attention they deserve. It's also fun for me because it's therapeutic to organize my priorities and reach my goals. The fun part is we can color code our "calendars" and add emojis to make it personal 😉

2. Grammarly

I know. Grammar isn't my strong suit. But I want to be better at it, and that's why I use Grammarly. It helps me correct and improve my writing so I can be more confident in how I express myself.

But sometimes, even with all the help from Grammarly writing can still be hard. So I've found a way to make it easier:

3. Copy AI

Use for free to create a paragraph for you! With this tool, you can just type in the topic that you want to write about and then select whether or not you want someone else's opinion or your own (or even both). Then it will generate a paragraph for you based on what information is available on the internet—but with your own

style and voice!

So if you ever find yourself struggling wi

th writing something, try! It's totally worth it—and if not, at least it'll give you some ideas of what to write about next time ;)

4. Reminders list (Apple)

If you're an Apple user, there's a Reminders List app that helps me with my Brain Dumping List on a daily basis.

The Reminders app lets you create lists of things that need to be done, priorities, and reminders for yourself or share with others. You can also use it to organize tasks with due dates, certain times, and set alerts for when they are due. When you're finished with something, just delete it from the list! You can also view what you completed after you checked it off the list.

5. Trello

Trello is the ultimate project management tool. Start up a board in seconds, automate tedious tasks, and collaborate anywhere, even on mobile.

I use it for my content creation! Besides being a photographer and graphic designer, I create content like this one to provide you tips and tricks for your craft.

With Trello you can organize anything from your life—from small projects to huge initiatives—into boards, lists, and cards. It's free to use with all the features that matter most.

6. Google docs/sheets

I use Google docs/sheets to keep templates and map out my workflows as a visual chart.

I have found this to be very helpful in keeping track of my progress, and also in helping me get organized. I like the fact that it is easy to share with others. It's also good for collabor

ation because you can easily make changes in real-time without having to go back and forth between messages or emails.

7. Lightroom

Lightroom has come a long way from being a desktop application to being available on mobile. It can take up a lot of GB on your mobile, but this is really great to edit quality photos and on-the-go!

8. Splice

While I love using iMovie on my iPhone, sometimes it's just easier to use Splice. It's super quick and easy to get the size of your video just right for social media. And that's something we all want to do! Talk about a quick Reel!

9. Canva

Canva is a great alternative to photoshop.

I used to use photoshop for everything, but Canva certainly made it a lot easier. I used to spend hours trying to make things look good, and now it's done in minutes with Canva.

Though don't get me wrong, I still use photoshop for complex designs and my surreal/fantasy portraits.

10. Imaging Edge (Sony)

I use Imaging Edge to transfer photos I've captured at events to my phone so that I can edit them and send them to my clients right away. It's a great way to get your work done fast! Although I don't like to edit from JPG, it's still pretty great quality that they'll enjoy!

Which of these tools are you planning on implementing into your photography workflow?



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