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3 Actions you can Take Now to Become More Organize

Updated: May 31

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As I started to self-manage my days, many said it was too much. Having color-coded calendars, spreadsheets, and lists. I kept going anyways and it's now my lifestyle. I wouldn't have it any other way!

It takes a little time to get set up, but when you do, it gets easier and faster.

So here are some tips that you can apply today!

  1. Write your goals for the month

  2. Write the goals into weeks

  3. Write the goals for the day

I know that sounds confusing, so let me break it down for you.

1. Write your goals for the month:

Think of what you want your goals to be for the month and then write them in your planner on whichever method you use. You can list things such as build a financial plan, lose weight, read a finance book for 5 minutes each day, etc. Once you have these goals down, it's going to prepare you for the next step.

Monthly Goals:

- Build a financial plan

- Lose weight

- Read a finance book for 5 minutes

2. Write the goals into weeks:

Once you have your monthly goals, delegate them over weeks. An example would be Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc.,

Weekly Goal:

Sunday - Put budget goal in sheets,

Monday - HITT workout for 10 minutes

Tuesday - 5-minute read finance book

3. Write the goals for the day:

Now that you have your goals for the week, write them for the day. So say it's Sunday and you are putting a budget goal in your spreadsheet, you dump all your goals for a battle plan so you put them into timeframes of when you're going to do them. For example:

Sunday's Goals:

- Put Budget goals on sheets

- Cook breakfast

- Do laundry


- 9 am: Cook breakfast

- 11 am: Put budget goals on sheets

- 12 pm: do laundry

I also talk about this in my Productivity blog. Having only 3 goals a day that you have to get done is a step closer to being more organized. Organizing your months, can help achieve what you've been wanting to do for a long time.

This is how I have my days scheduled out with the guide of my monthly goals. Do I always achieve them that day? No. This is a guide to self-manage your day, but those days can be chaotic, so all you do is push them as a priority to the next day.

There you have it, Beauties! I hope that helped in some way to organize your month. Now it's time for action! Until next time!


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