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3 Common Mistakes Designers Do

Updated: Mar 13

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Whoops, we did it again! After all, we're only human. We work on so many designs, deal with a number of clients, and so we get exhausted aannnddd there it goes... Thank goodness there's edit right?

Trust, there's been my fair share of my "designing boo-boos", but that's why we save the original file when we're designing and have proofs sent out before we finalize. Though I've been fortunate to have very understanding clients. Thank you universe!

So here are the 3 common mistakes and how to prevent them:


Go back to basics



When it comes to understanding the briefing of the project, sometimes it doesn't make sense. This is where communicating through voice messages and video chat may help. I personally use email and all the features Google offers. That way the messages don't get buried in text messages and I can refer back to them when I need to. This also helps lessen the back & forth conversations.

Go back to Basics:

As we become more advanced and juggle other clients, we forget the basics. Sometimes the basics are just enough to make a design. Even as advanced designers, we should have a workflow for how we design. Keep a memo somewhere if you need to. Talk about resources!


At times, we need to just appreciate the negative space. Sometimes us Creatives think it's not enough as if something is missing so we add more and think it will compensate. When that is the case for me, I walk away and also find more inspiration across the globe. We just get too close to the project sometimes and we change things that we may not need to. If you have the time or it needs to be done, do it! Challenge your skill sets!

Did you make these mistakes too or trying to prevent these as a beginner? Well, I've got you covered! Just go to my resources to level up at

If this helped you in any way, tag me on Instagram (@lensthisbeauty) for your next design project!

See you around!


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