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3 Process of Content Creating! (Save Time)

Updated: Mar 13

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Scheduling and creating content can take a lot of work and prep. But don't worry beautiful, this guide will help it go smoother. But let me be real. At first, this will take a some time, but in the long run, it will lift your workload and save you time. You will be able to schedule everything in at least 45 mins!

Table of Content

  1. Pre-planning

  2. Creating it

  3. Scheduling and Posting

Pre- Planning:

Most of the content you see are usually pre-planned. Although there are instances where you don't have much time, you can use sites like I use these tools as well when i'm on a time crunch.

Now whip out your note-taking tools and play with words that gets your main points across. It's good to have a tone and voice that you want to be known for because people aren't going to read everything. Less is more!

Then find pictures or graphics you want that relates to your message. Be sure it's free to use. Another tip is to have a list of what places, things, or people you want to have and take pictures when you go on trips or when you do b-roll. So when the time comes, you have it on your google drive or digital storage ready to go.

Having a calendar to see it visually helps with what your content will look like and we'll get more into that later.

Creating it:

Choose pictures or colors you want to use that compliment each other. I use and highly recommend it. In addition, white space is your friend. If you need more inspiration, there are hundreds of templates on Canva, Adobe Sparks, or social accounts you follow that can help. More good news is these softwares have free plans.

Once you've choose the template you want, move the objects around where you'd like them. Just be sure the texts and objects are not overcrowding each other. Now that you have that, you can choose the colors that will make your main point stand out. While red, yellow, and blue is a common color to capture peoples eye, you can use one color that highlights the main point. Something like this:

Scheduling and Posting:

Lastly, use scheduling apps like and to ease the workload of posting every. single. day. If you want to post it in real-time, you can use things like Notes or Google docs to write your captions and hashtags so you can just copy and paste on each platform as you go. This method allows you to engage with your audience. Also Facebook Business Suite is now an option!

Let's get back to visually seeing your content on calendar view. I put an example of how I prep my content and hashtags down below. I use Google sheets to correct my grammar and then hop over to Google sheets to copy and paste my captions, then link the content I want to that specific day by using google drive to generate a link. This way I can just click on the link without having to search for it. Confused? I got you! Here's the breakdown:

  1. Google docs

  2. Google sheets

  3. Google Drive to get the link

Keep in mind, this is after I created the content.

Example: Google Docs

Google sheets:


Once you've planned what you want on your content, designed it and scheduled it, let the process get easier every time!

Don't be afraid to formulate my methods to make it your own.

Let me know how this goes for you and if you have any questions. Now go on beautiful and start making content with ease!

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