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4 Main Keys to Make Your Content Designs More Appealing

Updated: Mar 13

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These days, you have many templates that helps you with this so keep these in mind when you create your next content.

  • Colors

Find colors to focus on your main point that stands out.

  • Typography

Placement of where your text is can help draw attention to what people need to read. Make it simple and less text because white space is your friend.

  • whitespace

White space is a blank space that you don't need to fill. It's there to make it easier to read and the content less cluttered.

  • message

All of these points help get the clear message across without saying much. Showing a capturing photo or graphic will help your audiences to read what you have to say.

Don't be afraid if you mess up. Practice makes perfect. People like seeing growth so carry on little butterfly! You're doing just fine!

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