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4 Tips on Requesting Design Work!

Updated: Mar 13

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Let's be real, Beauties. There are so many free tools out there like Canva, and Adobe Spark to make great graphic design and it's easy, but graphic designers come in handy when you simply don't have the time or need designs that are more complex. So no the graphic design field is not dying! Matter of fact, in this pandemic, it's thriving! We're at home more, streaming more, and have more time to appreciate the arts! With that said, let's jump into the tips I have for you today.

  1. Know what design you'd like. (modern, old English, themes, etc.) It may not be all there, but this will help the graphic designer know what you're looking for.

  2. Send detailed information, pictures, samples, and old files to show.

Such as:

- Font

- Color(s)

- logos

- labels needed (advisory labels, warnings, etc)

And please e-mail them as these files can get lost in the texting thread. You should be communicating with them through email anyhow.

3. Communication

Know that there's going to be some back and forth, but if it's easier, send a voice recording to help you both. A great graphic designer will have many things in place to lessen the continued back and forth emails.

4. Read the fine print and other info you need to know

Each graphic designer has different ways of how they operate or work, so be sure to look for a FAQ's page, and hopefully, they'll point out the important parts of the contract(s). Please know most graphic designers will display their work online, so clients like you can find them. If it's something you don't want, please be clear in the email.

It's pretty much free range because there is so much unique art. The most fun part is you get to see your visions come to life! Promise you, it'll be worth it!

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