Creative Burnout!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Don't have time to read, audio version here!

Hey Beauties,

Can I be honest? I've been feeling burnout! With all this house searching and planning to make a big move has worn me, mentally, but nonetheless, I've found podcasts that motivate me like Jasmine Star Show, and more! It may help to know creatives can't be "creative" 24/7, but our minds are always running when we see movies, pictures, or hear songs. That's our spark! With that said, I have free resources you can download, and one I just published today, so be sure to explore, and let me know if it has helped you!

On another note, Realistic and SoundOrcale, yet released another product "Orchestra Pit", which is an Orchestral Loop Pack to help producers and engineers get the best sounds. You'll also see my work on there!

P.S. Shoutout to SoundOrcale and Realistic Productions for releasing a new educational way to teach you to mix with insider music techniques. "The Art of Beat Making"