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How to Keep Wrinkles at Bay! (For photoshoots)

Updated: Mar 13

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Many ask, " How do you look so young?" It's not a secret, SPF! It's important to protect your skin no matter the weather. Even when it's cloudy, there are still sun rays coming through the clouds. If you can, try to use SPF every day, but I definitely wipe it off before bed because it can clog pores and dry up your skin.

Though, we should be taking off our makeup every night. No judgment though because I used to do that too, especially when I was really tired. Nowadays, my mascara just bothers me.

To be honest, I break out a lot, especially around my chin area so I use acne spot treatments every night to keep a flawless look. When you take care of your skin, the more flawless it will be in pictures.

Not only do I stay hydrated, but I use collagen moisturizer every day as our skin continues to lose collagen as we age. Having a morning and night routine for skincare makes a difference.

Here's a little insight into my skincare routine:

Here's to the looking youthful!

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