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How to Pamper Your Skin After a Long Week

Updated: Jul 12

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Nothing like self-care after a long week and sometimes they are looonng. By now I hope you can see I like skincare. I also want you to look your best when it comes to photoshoots. While I have provided skincare tips for the day before or the day of your photoshoot, having a continued skincare routine is the best way to have flawless skin for your next one 😉

Good news is I have the perfect skincare kit for you:



Sugar Scrub mask

Face massage



Lip scrub

Overnight mask

1. Toner

The truth is, your skin is a sponge.

It's a sponge for bacteria, dirt and grime, and it doesn't do a very good job of cleaning itself. Toner removes any last traces of dirt, grime, and impurities stuck in your pores after you wash your face. When you use toner regularly, it can have a major positive impact on the appearance and tightness of your pores. It also can prevent future breakouts and allows for better absorption of other skincare products. I personally use Witch Hazel toner.

2. Cleanse

Cleansers are products we use to remove normal accumulation of dirt and oils, makeup, sunscreen, remains of pollution, and dead skin cells. They also help in unclogging pores and exfoliation of the top skin cells.

3. Sugar Scrub mask

Overall, scrubs remove dead skin cells, improve overall texture, and help with Ingrown Hairs. Sugar scrubs are a great way to get glowy skin. They're easy to make at home, and you can use ingredients that are both natural and available in your pantry.

Just keep in mind that generally, you wouldn't exfoliate with a sugar scrub every day—consider it a sweet treat for your skin that you'd use a few times a week. That being said, sugar scrubs typically offer gentle yet effective exfoliation. You'll want to make sure you don't overdo it!

4. Face massage

This helps with anti-aging, sinus pressure, skin blood flow, and relieves tension. You can also use those face rollers to help you out.

5. Serums

Serums help achieve the skin you'd like to have. There are so many specific options you can choose such as hydraulic acid, pore serums, essences, and more. Apply this before moisturizing.

6. Moisturize

Keeps your skin hydrated, protects you from the sun, and slows signs of aging. I suggest having a heavier moisturizer for your self-care day to really let your pores soak in the benefits!

7. Lip scrub

This helps plump your lips and take away the dead skin cells so that you can apply a smooth lip application.

8. Overnight mask

Works as a barrier and sealant to really soak in the hydration and in the morning, just a pat away from the accesses and that's your skincare for the day.

There you have it beauties!

This is a great starter kit for any skin type. These products will help you cleanse, hydrate, exfoliate, and moisturize so that you can achieve that flawless look we all want! Hello to better skin!

Until next time!


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