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Makeup Tips to Look your Best on Video and Camera!

Updated: May 31

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How many times did we do our makeup or think we're camera ready and get the results back unsatisfied? know I have. I remember when I walked out of the bathroom mirror looking fly and then the pictures and video is blech!

I'd love to share some tips that may help! Let's get into it!

  • Moisturize! - Always! As I talked about before, having a clean canvas is a great start and it also ensures your face for lasting longer makeup.

  • Primer - this helps with fine lines and fades imperfections that cameras can capture. It really makes a difference!

  • Neck check - Blend your jawline if you have foundation on. Do we really want to different colors to show?

  • Concealer - This is great under the eye and blemishes, but it may help to use foundation to blend in with your concealer so your under eyes don't look too white when the light flashes.

  • Setting powder - Having a great setting powder can help minimize the flashback from the light. Even though I love a dewy look, a hint of matte powder does the trick.

  • Eyeshadow - The eyes tell a lot, you can use whatever color you love, but stay away from silica-based minerals as they are too reflective.

  • Brows - The end of your tails tend to disappear in pictures, so be sure to subtly sketch them in with a pencil.

  • Liquid liner - As a person who uses pencil liner for a more subtle look, in photographs, they define your eyes more.

  • Setting spray - This will keep your makeup locked in as flashes tend to wear your makeup down over the session.

* Bonus: Be sure to bring your lipstick to retouch and previous items I've mentioned in my other blogs. Also, take a picture before you leave to double-check your art. 😉

There you have it! I hope this helps your next photoshoot or video shoot. Ready, camera, action!

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