Making your photoshoots easier with these tips!

(For when hiring a photographer or for photographers)

Some of us don't like photoshoots because maybe it's so much work! But let me tell you with these tips, you'll show up to your session prepped and ready to go! Let's start with the not so fun part (paperwork+conditions).

  1. Know what kind of shoot you'd like (Retro, dark, fantasy, natural, etc.)

  2. Google a photographer you need such as "wedding photographer (state)"

  3. When you've chosen the photographer you like, read their FAQ's to know how you'll compensate, how your pictures will be delivered, and if there are other fees involved. Also, read their Cancellation policy. This will help minimize any misunderstandings or miscommunications you may have. PHOTOGRAPHERS, make it clear to the client what they really need to know, and when you put it on your site, it will help with the exchanges of emails. Also, more likely to be hired because they know what to expect.

Now the fun part!

  1. Once you've picked your theme for the shoot, prepare props you may need because not all photographers will have props for you.

  2. You can find my "Through Beauty Lens, 5 tips for your next photoshoot guide" to help you with the rest. Photographers, this can help you too.

  3. When at the session, the photographer will guide you, so no need to be camera shy. Also, feel free to bring a hype-person to make you feel at ease. Every photographer wants a natural photo of you because you're beautiful!

  4. Make sure to stay hydrated and bring snacks!

Go ahead now! I think you're ready, beautiful!

Don't forget to look at my "Resources" tab to find more guides!

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