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Photoshoot Travel Beauty Essentials

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What!? This is everything I needed! Perfect, I love hearing that! While many talk about essentials makeup to travel with what about both skincare and makeup?

It can be stressful to pack and know what to bring. Traveling in general can be a process so here are some items to help out!

  1. Cleanser

  2. Scrub

  3. Moisturizer

  4. Liquid foundation

  5. Highlighter

  6. Eye curler

  7. Mascara

  8. Lip balm/lipgloss

  9. Eye drops

  10. Facial mist

  11. Water

  12. Snacks

1. Cleanser:

Always have a fresh and clean face to start off with and to end with. After all the flashing lights and poses, you need to let your pores breathe. Get cleansing!

2. Scrub:

Helps leave your complexion looking brighter and feeling smoother! Say goodbye to dull skin and hello clean canvas!

3. Moisturizer:

Who wants flaky skin? Especially in your photos? This is going to help keep you looking hydrated, soft, and smooth.

4. Liquid Foundation:

Foundation covers blemishes, provides a healthy glow, evens skin tone, and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and pores. Be sure to apply light to medium coverage for a youthful and fresh look as the camera can capture heavy applications.

5. Highlighter:

Talk about a glow! Applying it on your cheeks, T-Zone, inner corner eyes, and browline helps with a brighter glow enhancing a fresher look and an illusion of more plump lips. The camera will love you!

6. Eye curler

As a lady with round Asian eyes, curlers really bring out my lashes. They help make them appear longer giving a more open eye look and full lashes. This will help prep your eyes for mascara.

7. Mascara:

Mascara is my best friend in makeup. It instantly adds, volume, length, and thickness. Also, helps you look more awake and defines the eyes when you're on camera.

8. Lipgloss/balm:

Helps to plump lips making them appear bigger and more seductive. Who doesn't want that in their photos? Did I mention supple?

9. Eye drops:

Finish your look without red eyes. This helps your eyes appear bigger, brighter, and more awake.

10. Facial mist:

This will help with looking and feeling more refreshed and awake. Use this to prime, seal, and lock in hydration.

11. Water:

While facial mist, highlighter, and foundation can help with looking hydrated, water is the ultimate hydration.

12. Snacks:

When on set, it could be long hours, so bringing snacks is going to save you from hunger.

All of these beauty items are my go-to anyhow, as a person who wears minimal makeup because I am an amateur makeup artist, these items are a great foundation to build on.

I hope this helped for your next photoshoot when you're on the go!

Alright, Beauties until next time!



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