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Setting Up your Creative Space on a Budget (photographers & Designers)

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You know how many times I've heard creatives say they don't have the space to work out of? But you really do. When I first started out my space it was a little place in the corner of the living room with a tiny desk from Wal-Mart. My desk is now a $30 portable picnic table with more space and I plan to upgrade, but it works for me right now. True I've upgraded it with a standing desk, but my MacBook fits perfectly on it, among my little knick-knacks to bring some colors and motivation.

Let's get into it!

  • Location

  • Desk

  • Chair

  • Keyboard

  • Lights

  • Candles

  • Phone holder

Simple enough right?


When it comes to finding a spot in your house, there has to be one somewhere. I know you may need a door to keep your pets or your kids out, so your bedroom can be a great option. But if you know you can do it by zoning out noise, a little corner in the living room or the kitchen is an option. There's been some big changes in my life and currently my desk is in a small bedroom in the corner by the window.


My current dream desk is a sleek, modern L desk with a big curved screen, but right now my portable picnic table does the job and I can store items under it such as a plastic 3-drawer storage tower.

Finding a great desk that gives you a great workflow is the key here. If you can get your dream desk, congrats!


Office chairs can be expensive. Although I recommend it, using a dining chair or foldable chair can be a great start. Add a pillow for cushion.


Having a wireless Bluetooth keyboard truly makes a difference. While my MacBook is great to type on, a keyboard makes it easier when it's on my standing desk.


Lighting sets the mood. When it gets dark or a rainy day comes in, light curtains, desk lamps, or ring lights can be a great option. The neat thing about light curtains, they really make your space seem comfortable and creative.


If you like scents, this can simply be refreshing every time you walk back to your desk. It also sets the mood.

Phone holder:

If you're like me, you can use a phone holder to watch movies/tv shows. It's what keeps me productive believe it or not. You can also have it for music and use it with just one hand to ignore messages and such.

Whatever you choose to design your workspace, just be sure it can help you reach your goals!

Alright beauties until next time!

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