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The Pandemic Changing the World Forever!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Don't have time to read, audio version here!

It's an arguable topic that the internet invention happened in January of 1983. From there, with a combination of networks, became the modern internet and took on a more recognizable form in 1990, when a computer scientist, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in December of 2013. While many companies started to see the power of it, some remained uninfluenced by the trend, only to find out we need it more than ever today. We now as a nation, depend on the internet. Generations indeed bash on other generations about what was better or what wasn't, but did millennials really develop the world as we know it today? I'd like to think so as they grew up on troubleshooting the growth of the internet, perfecting it to its craft, causing the world to change. This played a huge part in the workforce to truly see how much work-from-home (WFH) allows us to enjoy life a little bit more such as spending more time with family, better productivity, cutting out the travel expenses, among many other things. Perhaps we should've shifted to WFH sooner since we had the resources to do so and 30 years to learn it. Being a photographer and graphic designer, I can relate to the internet and all the doors it has opened to small business owners, including how much value it has brought to the world. At the same time, I understand the privacy of shifting and all the little things that go into it. This pandemic has shifted priorities and has allowed us to see what truly is valuable in the world. Currently, many are impacted by this. According to the article on April 23, 26 million people are unemployed in the U.S. and 265 million are at risk of hunger worldwide. My heart genuinely goes out to people impacted by this, and I'm doing what I can to help since my natural morality is to bring miracles and leave a legacy behind. I hope this motivates you to take action in your dreams and to evolve into something better. As a person who finds an interest in evolution, humans have adapted to multiple changes for millions of years. Because let's be real, we're animals by nature, but our intelligence separates us from acting barbaric. Now I'm not a scientist or a health care professional, but I know that this pandemic has changed my goals, my purpose, and my perspective. The world will never be the same and has hopefully helped many see that there's so much to life than to eat, sleep, work, and repeat. We're a team, a race of Homosapiens, and we shall fight through this together because when you win, we win!


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