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The Real Workflow to Success

Updated: Mar 13

No time to listen? Listen to the Audio version ↴

Let's hit pause for a second --------------------

(deep breath in..... & out......)

Feel better?

Good because you just practiced one way to conquer your day!

When taking action on your goals, we have to remember that self-care is a huge impact to keep you optimizing at your best potential.

So let's start:

  • Getting enough sleep

You hear it all the time, but are you ACTUALLY trying healthy sleeping habits? I know, I get it. There are those nights that you just can't sleep, wake up from nightmares, or just don't have time. But let's stick with the facts! According to, great sleep facilitates the brain's processing of emotional information. Not to mention letting your heart rest.

  • Staying healthy

Eating clean is one of my secrets to keep going, which is why I have so much energy throughout the day. This means eliminating processed food and sugar as much as you can. I know coffee is more enjoyable for most, but I personally love tea! It provides more benefits than coffee and has no added sugar and/or cream. If you drink it straight 😉

  • Planning your day

You're probably freaking out and saying "It's too much!" Trust, when I say all the successful people I've studied usually have a planned out day. This helps them start the day with intentions. You can use Google Calendar or a planner of some sort, to outline your goals each day. Having a workflow for most things lessens your stress. Granted you don't have to follow it to the T, but having it there will remind you what to tackle today and for how long. If you don't reach it, put it as a priority for the next day. Things happen so don't worry too much about your "Battle Board List".

  • Laughing and smiling with friends or family

Happy relationships give a healthy environment. Therefore helping you perform better and making time for people who love you, so be sure to smile and laugh with them. Everyone likes to be appreciated. But let me get real for a sec... It's lonely at the top, so if ever feel lonely, there are many apps out there to help you find great friends.

You probably wanted an easy answer, but all of these are "Millionaire habits". Question is, are you ready for success? 😊

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