The Reality of Working Behind The Scenes of The Music and Entertainment Industry. 🎵 With Tips!

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

We all had/have dreams of usually doing something "cool, to be known or on tv. Most people want the spotlight, but don't always get it. Truth is, it's hard because it all comes down to who you know. As many of you know, I work closely with Realistic Productions and SoundOracle, and as I work with more and more people in this industry, I've noticed the "most followers" or the "verified checkmarks" don't have many friends or revenue. In fact, some struggle to stay afloat. Indeed there's a lot of speculations that the music and entertainment industry has a dark side, but what company doesn't? This industry isn't made for the typical "9-5", though there are some out there with job securities, which is fantastic. With that said, I really enjoy this industry, and really glad to have the opportunity to work with really knowledgeable and talented people. I truly enjoy my career because let me tell you, Beauty, it takes a heck of thick skin to get passed many personalities you meet along the way, but there's nothing else I rather do. If this is something you'd like to get into, I've learned this from Realistic and this may help:

Things I learned from Realistic Productions:

  1. Perfect your craft

  2. Showcase your craft

  3. Tag people in your craft to draw attention, consistently (but you need to be selective of whose attention you're trying to catch, and don't be annoyingly tagging)

  4. Build a team (you can't win alone)

  5. Ask for help

  6. Put away your pride

  7. Build thick skin

  8. Tell people how you can bring value through a creative post or however you express it

I hope this helps and you find your way to win because I certainly want to see you win. Hope to see you there soon!

Download the tips here!