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Tried out Jasmine Star's "How I Plan My Social Media Posts in 40 Minutes" system (breakdown).

Updated: Mar 13

No time to read? Audio version here👇

Let me start by saying I'm a big fan of Jasmine Star. I love her quick tip, her fast-talking, her spunk, her energy, her Latino-ness, and her knowledge. I learned a lot from her.

That being said, I watched her video of how she plans out her social media content in 40 minutes and I was excited to get started. When I tried it, it took more than 40 minutes. I had to find photos of mine, then write the caption, which took more work than I thought. After re-watching her videos and others in her playlist, I realized she pre-plans her photos, then writes the captions, which then allows her to plan her social media content in "40 minutes". So let me break it down in steps from her videos:

  1. Writes down what photos to take depending on her trips and where she's going such as a cafe, a trip, etc.

  2. Takes the photos and puts them in dropbox or some type of online storage.

  3. Labels the dates on a folder and the location.

  4. Uses Google docs, etc., to write the categories, captions, and links from dropbox so when it comes time to post, the content is one click away.

  5. Posts in real-time!

Does that make sense? I'm sure there are more details in that, but from her videos, that's what I gathered. I also wanted to make it simple for you and I hope it did.

Nonetheless, I will continue to watch her because she the type of friend I'd love to have around me. And let's just be real, she's slayin' it! Is that out of style? Either way, it's a word that I enjoy . So go ahead, Jasmine!

Explore her blog because she got gems for daayysss!

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