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What Does a Graphic Designer Do Everyday?

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A graphic designer usually has a busy day. They do a lot of communicating and need time to design because it can take a lot for everything to fall into place. If you were ever curious, here's the breakdown:

Daily plan

Timeframe and reporting


Create drafts and concepts


Finish the day

1. Daily Plan:

Designers write out the tasks of how they're going to get a step closer to completing the design such as the "Battle Map list" method I talk about.

Using self-management software and project tools is going to help out.

2. Timeframe and reporting:

When the designer has a template or FAQ's information, it's going to help with the workflow. To let the client know how much time it will take, what sizes they need, keeping them updated, and for clarification. This will help with time and back-and-forth conversations.

3. Research:

They may have to do some research on the company and the designs they're looking for. Also, find out what is trending to keep the design fresh. It'll help make a design easier and add some inspiration.

4. Create drafts and concepts:

They make a lot of drafts to get proofing and other designs the client may want. Giving them options to choose from so they can create the final image.

5. Design:

The final design finally! After they complete the design, designers export them into PNG, JPG, Vector, or PDF.

These final images are also formatted into social media sizes and more.

End of day:

Now preparing to send them through email so it doesn't get lost or drowned in other communication methods. Give updates and send final versions and files.

It's the designer's responsibility to send files and communicate so they are not lost or have issues opening them and back them up into a storage.



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