Creatives, what to do Durning Slow Months. (Business)

Hey Beauties! Holidays are fantastic! However, also means a slow time and that's ok! People deserve to spend time with love ones and indulge in the holiday festivities! On another note, here's some things you can do while you're waiting for it to pick up again:

  1. Take brand photos (your table set-up, brands you use, etc.)

  2. Perfect your craft by learning more from the people you trust, Podcasts, and YouTube Tutorials. This even includes knowing your gear more.

  3. Collaborating with other people and ask what their projects are and let them know you'd be happy to help. This helps with having plans after the holidays.

  4. Update your website.

  5. Shoot your next Video content or prep your next ideas.

I hope that helps. I know it's not easy this year to be away from family, but hey there's light here! You can be better before 2021 hits, ya feel me?! Feel free to let me know what you think of this or add more value. Talk to you soon!

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