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Hey, Creatives!

Get a Personalized, Actionable, & Visual

Having a personalized productivity plan with a visual mind map can increase your efficiency, reduce stress, and help you achieve your goals by actually seeing all your thoughts. More importantly, create and live the life that you've been striving for. Also, know you can customize this method into your own as you start to grow.


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Productivity Workbook
Weekly Planner June 2023 Calendar


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You're in the right place if you  know...

You're ambitious. I know you are, that's why you're here & decided to become a Creative. 

You're new to this "Productivity thing".

You feel like you don't know where your focus is because you're not sure how to organize all the things you're juggling. 

Want to stress less and be more productive so you can focus more on your craft

You want to be more efficient in reaching your dream goals or maintaining them

Want an action plan that is actually achievable

Reality is:

Mastering the art of multitasking while navigating the realms of creativity, earnings, and business is no small adventure!

From capturing captivating moments during photo sessions to managing the intricate workings of your business, it's a wild ride. And let's not forget the quest for career-life balance! But fear not, fellow Creative, for the secret lies in seizing the day with a dash of resourcefulness. While we all possess the same 24 hours, it's about cleverly finding a way around the maze.

Where would you be in life if you:

Had a personalized image mind map & schedule of where to have your focus, taking back control of your time & energy, prevent future burnout, and have clarity of your next steps, so you can have YOUR successful life.


Actionable Mind-Map: is designed for Creatives. It's a personal 1-on-1 service that takes your Creative ambitions & goals and transforms them into an actionable schedule to achieve YOUR success.

Here's what you'll get: 

  • A visual Mind-map

  • A personalized schedule

  • Have clarity on your priorities, schedule, and next steps.

  • Tips & tricks about mindset to manage your dream goals & improve your well-being

  • A check-up bi-weekly for 2 months to see how it's working out for you. 

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  • You have so many priorities and you don’t know which ones to focus on

  • You're new to this productivity stuff and you need help

  • You are constantly scrambling to give answers

  • You are just so tired

  • You are constantly behind & never getting to what you actually want

How it works:

  • 60-min consulting sessions - Delivered Google Meets

  • 15-min bi-weekly check-in for 2 months.

  • Worksheet provided when applicable.

  • Summary notes and action items provided after each session.


  • You're a Creative Starting out.

  • Desire to put your Creative ambitions into actions.

  • Serious about taking control of your time & energy.

  • Not sure where to start & enjoy having a schedule & routine to keep you on track.

  • Don't have a great task system yet or it's unorganized.

  • You understand this is not for planning social media content.


  • You're a Creative who wants a mind-map or schedule for your team. 

  • You're not willing to put in the actions or shift your mindset about productivity. 

  • You think that this is a quick way to YOUR success.

  • You think it's overwhelming to have a guided schedule. 

  • Already have a schedule that works for you and living your successful life

  • If you think this is for a social media content management

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Meet your Creative Founder


Just like you, I started my journey as a photographer with boundless creativity but lacked the operational know-how to run my successful business. Trust me, I've been there.

In the beginning, it felt like I was caught in a whirlwind, trying to balance capturing breathtaking shots with managing contracts, invoices, and delivering on client expectations. It was overwhelming, to say the least. I remember the embarrassment of not having all the answers when clients asked for specific details. But I refused to let these challenges hold me back.

Driven by my own experiences, I researched tirelessly to find the workflow for running my photography business. I yearned for routines, systems, and a well-structured schedule that would empower me to focus on what I loved most: creating art through my lens.


And that's when it hit me—I needed to share this valuable knowledge with fellow photographers and Creatives.

That's why I created this one-of-a-kind 1-on-1 service—to provide you with the shortcut I so desperately craved when I started. 

Everything I provide is based on the actions I took:

** Designing a visual Mind-map to remind me of my workflow

** Creating a personalized schedule to take action

** Creating a workflow system to help me get things done

Still questioning? we've got answers


Take your success back!


Put your thoughts together so you can live your dream life!


All sales are final. Refer to FAQ section for more info.

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