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Kalia, Family

The most important thing a photographer can do is capture moments. Moments that will forever be cherish and Maia was able to do that for my family and I. Being creative is a talent and she is able to show that through her work and passion.

Alexis, Self-Portriats

Maia has a creativity and motivation different from any other. She had my interests and ideas in mind during each session, even during the editing process. Her mission is to create something that you will truly love and opens her heart and mind to all the possibilities until the final product is exactly what you imagined! Gifted and talented; Maia is always open to learn and grow with her clients.

Hannah, Self-Portriats

Maia is a natural behind the camera. She uses her vision and creativity to capture the best shots possible. I never felt awkward about posing because she communicated her ideas clearly and the results show. Also, nothing stops her! She shows up rain or shine, whatever weather the Midwest throws her way. She’s phenomenal. 

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